G Star Wedding is a leading events and entertainment management company based in Gorakhpur that takes pride in arranging truly unforgettable wedding celebrations. We work tirelessly to ensure that every element of the event unravels exactly as visualized. We work on path-breaking ideas to ensure high quality, customized and cost-effective services to our clients.

G Star Weddings believe that wedding is the celebration of the blending of two souls and the opportunity for their families to bond for a lifetime. Therefore we carry out the function with keen enthusiasm, making your experience once in a lifetime.

We command unmatched expertise in providing catering services. Besides helping our clients design their wedding menu, we ensure to serve delicious and aromatic cuisines to tantalize the taste buds of the guests. Moreover, our elegantly designed tent remains exclusive in several terms such as design, quality, style, and theme of the event. With the beautiful flowers, dazzling lights and exceptional backdrop, we ensure to make the wedding venue pleasant and attractive.

We endeavour to create an exhilarating experience for the couple, their families and their guests by taking all the hassles and stress of wedding planning and execution on ourselves. We have in-house experts to manage the venue, stage design, guest relations, decor, catering and gifts items to make your wedding celebration worth reminiscing for years.

Some of the most benefits which will let you fit in a wedding planner in your D-Day are as follows:

Responsibilities will be shared

Weddings comes with many responsibilities which won't let you have leisure for own, a wedding planner will look after the long time taking works like booking vendors, venue, decorations and many more and lessen your burden.

Time Management

Wedding planners would save you wasting your time by working according to a proper schedule step by step. This time management will simultaneously do many things which would have taken more time if done by own?

Budget Management

While a wedding comes around, people keep on spending money on both small and big basis and sometimes it gets harder to maintain the accounts. A wedding planner will make a budget list according to your preference and avoids wastage of money still serving the best.

Best Deals

As a wedding planner is a professional, he knows the best vendor, caterers and suppliers which would fit into your budget. This creates a trustworthy deal which is mandatory in any event. This would make your guests never forget the ceremony that everyone would once cherish for.

Gives away discounts

A well known wedding planner in Delhi always has a perfect team of vendors and suppliers from years and thus can get you some discounts which are always the best part. Whoever wants to give more money, huh?

Follows the Trend

A wedding planner is always aware of the wedding trends going on and lets you fit in with it. Being unique and classic is what the D-Day asks for isn’t it? The more you explore the Google reviews of venues and caterers the more time you would waste.